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In Building Solutions South Florida

Control is South Florida’s leading provider of In-Building Solutions for two-way radio systems for commercial and public safety users. Many communities are mandating building owners provide uninterrupted coverage for police and fire departments while inside their building.

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For a limited time we are offering free site surveys for qualifying business owners in South Florida. Find out if your building meets the current building codes and what needs to be done to make sure you comply with all of the coverage mandates.

Find out if you qualify for a free site survey.

Some Guidelines

Here is an example of general guidelines for the deployment of in-building radio coverage solutions from the City or Miami

For General Structure Areas, the in-building RF solution shall provide the above specified coverage in 95% of the floor area. General Structure Areas are defined as living areas, basements, parking garages, administrative offices and conference rooms.
For Critical Areas, the in-building RF solution shall provide the above specified coverage in 99% of the floor area.
Critical Areas are defined as mechanical and utility rooms, public bathrooms, stairwells, exit stairs, exit passageways, Police holding areas, elevator lobbies, fire pump rooms, sprinkler sectional valve locations, elevator shaft and other areas considered by the AHJ. The Designer/Installer shall contact the AHJ to confirm critical areas in the new construction.

Our Solutions

  • Bi-directional Amplifiers (BDA)
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Two-way Radio Repeaters

Our Partners

We have partnered with the following manufacturers to provide in-building solutions. Find out more about our partners.

  • Commscope
  • EMR Corp.
  • G-Wave Solutions
  • ZinWave

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