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Door Access

Axis Communications

Axis offers a range of physical access control products to complete your surveillance installation.

With Axis’ products for physical access control , there’s finally an open and future-flexible IP-alternative. Axis' physical access control products cover a variety of application needs, from identification and entry control to advanced access management and integration with other systems.

Network Door Controllers

Non-proprietary and open IP-based access control

Traditional proprietary systems mean limited options, central servers with complex and expensive cabling, as well as restricted possibilities for integration and scalability. AXIS A1001 has an open interface that enables integration of video, intrusion detection and other systems. With AXIS A1001, there’s finally an open and future-flexible alternative for physical access control.


Without the need for hard wiring to a central control unit or central server, IP-based systems enable installations that are non-proprietary, flexible and scalable. This means not only a more versatile solution, but also a more cost efficient one. Freed from the constraints of enlarging the system in certain multiples, a network-based system can be enlarged – should it be necessary – by one door and one reader at a time.

Lower Total Costs

An IP edge solution has one controller for each door, which then is connected to the local network through a regular network switch. Since IP networks now are ubiquitous in offices, stores, factory plants and similar facilities, the cost of adding an IP-based door controller is minimal, as opposed to the multiple serial connections required when wiring back to a central server.

Cabling work can be even further facilitated with an IP system. By employing a PoE (Power over Ethernet) supported controller at each door, the need for a separate power cable is eliminated. Thus the total installation cost is reduced.

Integration With Other Systems

An IP-based solution makes implementation and integration of access control systems far more feasible. Integration with video is one example of a very common requirement which is much easier to meet with IP-based solutions.

In fact, a common, standardized digital environment has the potential to create countless opportunities to integrate other systems such as intrusion detection and, fire detection into uniform, manageable and user-friendly systems.

Possible integrations between an IP-based physical access control system, a network video surveillance system, and other IP-based third party applications.

Limitations in Traditional Access Control Solutions

Typically, a legacy access control system is dependent on having each device – card reader, handle, door lock, door position switch, etc. – hard wired with RS-485 cables into one central unit or central server. These traditional proprietary systems confine the end user to one single provider of hardware and software.

When expanding traditional analog systems, the process is complicated since a typical central controller is built to accommodate a certain maximum number of doors, normally 4, 8, 16 or 32.

Not only does this limitation make the system inflexible but also makes it difficult for the end user to match his requirements with products available, e.g. if there is a need for access control at, say, 9 or 17 doors.

The lack of flexibility brings high marginal costs, which can make the addition of one extra door unjustifiably expensive.

Benefits include:

  • Freedom to mix and match best-of breed software
    Axis’ open API (Application Programming Interface) gives you the freedom to mix and match best-of breed hardware and software from a range of software partners.

  • Easy integration with other systems
    Easy integration with other IP systems such as video surveillance, fire and intrusion detection.

  • Standard IT equipment
    Existing network infrastructure and standard IT equipment can be used to save time and lower costs. You have the freedom to choose components – hardware and software – from virtually any vendor.

  • Support for Power over Ethernet
    A PoE supported controller at each door eliminates the need for separate power cables for door equipment such as locks and readers. This reduces the total installation cost. In addition, support for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) makes it possible to avoid having battery back-up for door equipment.

  • The central server or control unit can be eliminated 
    The controller is a smart, independent device at each door, system management can be done from the controller.

  • Easy adminstration
    System management is made from any computer in the network.

Card Readers


  • Designed to perfectly match AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller.
  • Support for most smart card formats.
  • 2 LED symbols give clearly visible feedback.
  • Indoor and outdoor ready.
  • IP65 classified.
  • Powered by Assa Abloy.

AXIS A4010-E Reader without Keypad is a joint cooperation between Axis and ASSA Abloy designed to perfectly match AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller. The cost-efficient reader has no keypad and its small form factor enables easy placement. Two LED symbols give clearly visible feedback. The reader supports touch-free entry with most entry card formats, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. IP65 classification makes it ready for harsh environments.

A Complete Access Control System

The competitively priced AXIS A4010-E is a fast, convenient and reliable complement when installing Axis access control system. With the AXIS A4010-E both the installer and customer can feel confident that the system components will work well together.

Future Proof and Backward Compatible

AXIS A4010-E is both future proof and backward compatible since it supports several different card formats in order to meet specific system requirements. This enables use with existing installations, since most of existing cards using 13,56 Mhz technology can be used while upgrading to new system hardware (AXIS A1001).

Powered by ASSA ABLOY

The product is a joint cooperation between Axis and ASSA ABLOY and is based on proven technology from ASSA ABLOY, a company with wide experience in readers and access control solutions

Axis’ Network Door Stations

A Natural Part of Video Surveillance

  • High quality audio and video
  • 2-way communication
  • 24/7 video identification
  • Remote entry control
  • SIP support for IP phone integration
  • ONVIF-compliant

Intercom, Surveillance Camera and Door Control In One

Axis’ network door stations combine communication, video surveillance and remote entry control in one single device. They make a convenient complement to your surveillance installation and help keeping your premises secure, providing reliable 24/7 identification. With an Axis’ network door station, you can identify a visitor and open the door regardless of where you are.

A “Many-to-one” System

Axis’ network door stations are used in “many-to-one” systems where you have many cameras and several door stations but only one or a few points of operation. A typical example is an airport that has advanced systems for video surveillance, access control, alarms and communication.

  • Many intercoms (and cameras), one or few receivers
  • Retail, logistic centers, airports, university campuses, alarm centrals

Increased Security

Axis’ network door stations give you reliable identification even in low light or strong backlighting, and clear, two-way communication even in demanding situations, due to WDR, full duplex audio, acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression. Using a mobile app, IP phone or video management system (VMS), you can open doors directly or remotely. You can also record hazardous events and alert help in case of an emergency, thanks to audio and video analytics.

Flexible Installation and Easy Integration

Axis’ network door stations can be installed either on a wall or recessed into the wall. Factory focus and support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) make installation fast and flexible. The door stations take advantage of existing infrastructure, such as the IP network, network cameras, and IP phone or laptop for communication. Axis’ network door stations are based on open interfaces for third-party software, allowing them to be integrated with video management software provided by Axis’ partners. To meet the requirements for small to mid-sized installations, they support AXIS Camera Station and operation from mobile applications, using Session initiation protocol (SIP) that enables integration with IP telephony and VoIP communication systems.